Referral Process

Referring a Student to Centennial School

Referrals are reviewed in the order they are received

  1. LEA Submits
    • Letter of intent to initiate referral to Centennial School
    • Current RR reflecting the need for intensive behavior supports
    • Current IEP with PBSP
    • PTE/PTRE
  2. Intake committee screens the referral
  3. Centennial staff may request to observe the student’s current educational environment
  4. Centennial staff conduct an intake meeting scheduled through the district
    • Intake participants must include a district representative (LEA), the student, and at least one family member
  5. The intake committee will render a decision about placement upon receiving completed paperwork and notify the district
  6. If accepted, a member of the intake committee informs the district of a potential start date to set up transportation
  7. Prior to the student’s first day, the district must provide a NOREP stating Centennial School as the placement and the original health and immunization records
  8. LEA completes online 4010 application. For more information on the online application, please visit PDE's website